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"I like to make functional forms that have a smooth, calm quality..."

  • Fractured Desk
  • End Table
  • Crib
  • Folding Table
  • Business Card Holders

"To me, the grain and color of wood is amazing. In my work I showcase contrasting wood grains. My furniture use a variety of woods that helps create an element of surprise. My work involves sharp, crisp lines that define the piece. Just because the object is built simply doesn''t mean it cannot be different through material and meaning. I like to make functional forms that have a smooth, calm quality. These forms are simple yet strong. They create an environment of simple basic objects that comfort us."

- Caleb Pine

Caleb Pine of Woods by Pine designs and builds Bedroom Furniture / Accessories: Dressers, Dresser Storage Boxes for Jewelry or Men's Items, Hope Chests, Night Stands, Dining Room Accessories: Bronze Vases, Candlestick Holders; Home Furniture: Benches, Coffee Tables, Desks - Fractured, End Tables, Side Tables, Entertainment Stands, Soward Boxes; Kitchen Accessories: Wood Bowls, Cutting Boards of Different Woods; Office Furniture / Accessories: Business Card Holders, Card Catalogs, Desks; Brides-to-be: Hope Chests; Sporting: Handmade Long Bows, Handmade Bow Strings

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