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Artistic statement

The grain and color of wood is amazing. In my work I showcase that by contrasting exotic woods. My pieces all have a mix of woods that help create a magic where on any given piece there is an element of surprise. My work involves sharp crisp lines that clearly define the piece. Just because the object is ordinary doesn't mean it cannot be different though material and meaning. I like to make functional forms that have a smooth, calm quality. These forms are simple yet strong. They create an environment of simply basic objects that have a function to comfort us. My goal is to make objects to live with what I want and no more.


Caleb Pine was born in 1989 in Exeter, NH, into a middle class 5 person family. He graduated from Exeter High School in 2007. He has always liked sports, such as wrestling, track & Field, running, kayaking and rock climbing or anything that is athletic. He has traveled to several countries learning and watching different cultures. He graduated from Maine College of Art in Woodworking & Furniture Design in the spring of 2011.
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