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Samurai Cabinet
58” long x 22.5” tall x 10.5” deep
White Oak, Wenge
This Cabinet is made to proudly display two samurai swords, but the inside dimensions are flexible to display other objects. It has butterfly doors that open from the center. On the sides are insets representing a traditional collar you would see on a sword. The use of contrasting light and dark woods add a dramatic effect to the cabinet when it is closed.
Please contact Woods by Pine at 603-957-0779 for more information.

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Balance Board
8" wide x 32" long
Hickory, Wenge
This board is for balance training or just for fun. The ball fits into the grove on the bottom of the board. The object is to keep the board off the ground while standing on it with the ball underneath. There are 2 different types of bases. The tapered one is for surfing and skate boarding, because you are balancing side to side as well front to back. The easier base you only have to balance side to side. The board has two strips of grip tape for a non slip area. This challenging exercise is great for improving balance without leaving home. To see other woods options click the "Woods We Use" tab.

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